Life lnsurance is an effective way to help protect your loved ones and their future. With the right policy, you could help to cover the cost of your funeral, pay off outstanding debts or leave some money behind for your loved ones. But despite this, many India residents don't have a policy in place + .

Why Doesn't Everyone Have Life Insurance?

The fact is many think the costs are high and increase as you get older but the internet has brought about big changes in the insurance industry - and for the better.

There are companies setup to specifically cater to people aged 50 to 80. One such company - Indian Seniors - offers up to ₹953,892 protection (depending on age). If you're a India resident aged 50 to 80 acceptance is guaranteed and it's quick and simple to find out how much cover you're eligible for. 

While life insurance isn't a savings plan it's a simple way to protect your family when they need it most. As long as you keep the right cover in place your loved ones will have some financial help in place when you're gone.

Request a free quote from Indian Seniors today and find out how much cover you can get in minutes. Better yet, when you take out a policy, you'll receive up to ₹47,694 of extras including a ₹9,538 M&S gift card*.

Here's How You Do It:

Step 1: Select your age below

Step 2: Answer a few questions (takes less than a minute) to find out the maximum you can apply for.

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India Residents Can Get This Cover (If Born Between 1942 - 1971)

> If You're Aged 50 - 80 You Could Be Eligible

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*Up to ₹47,694 of extras: ₹9,538 M&S Gift Card after six successful consecutive payments and once your total premium exceeds the gift card value. + A free Will Kit (worth ₹9,538). + A Funeral Benefit Option giving ₹28,616 towards the cost of your funeral. 

Gift Card Terms and Conditions: We will aim to send the Gift Card after receiving your sixth successful monthly premium and when premiums exceed the gift card value. Please allow time for delivery. There is a limit of one gift card per policy sold. No cash alternative will be offered. Available to new customers only.

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